Every Business Owner Needs an Advocate

I'm a trusted advocate for my clients.  An advocate is a champion, upholder, supporter, backer, promoter, proponent, spokesman, campaigner, fighter and crusader. 

I love helping business owners succeed.  I represent new ventures and established businesses of all shapes and sizes.  I establish a close and trusted relationship with each client, often becoming their first call when considering new opportunities or facing unique challenges.

I've Actually Walked a Mile In Your Shoes

I've owned and operated several non-legal businesses myself.  Any business lawyer can analyze legal options, but I know how it feels to make hard choices, because I've done that myself (and not just in a law firm). Every business owner deserves an attorney who will take the time to listen and understand his or her unique perspective.   

Simple or Complex - Dedicated and Experienced Representation

I provide businesses with quality legal help on an as-needed basis.   I help clients with a variety of matters, big and small.  I get daily calls on issues ranging from corporate governance to contract reviews, and employment law to business acquisitions.   Budget expectations are discussed ahead of time, and my rates are reasonable, fair, and clear.

For 16 years I have helped my clients succeed and reach their goals.  My proven ability to see the big picture of legal problems within a pragmatic real-world context adds tremendous value to the companies I serve as their go-to business lawyer of choice.  Let's talk today to see if I can do the same for you.

Practical and Relational Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to providing business law counsel, I separately provide dispute resolution services an attorney mediator, and enjoy working with people who have a genuine desire to resolve differences amicably, with the primary goal of preserving relationships, and without the added costs and stress of litigation.  When serving as a mediator, I act as a neutral and impartial third party, and advocate not for either party, but instead for the use of a balanced, interests-based process of facilitative conflict resolution. I draw upon my experience in both business and law to understand and clarify the goals and desires of well-intentioned people who have found themselves in the midst of an unfortunate misunderstanding, dispute, or impasse.

I also offer collaborative law and other forms of dispute resolution. There are many available alternatives to litigation, and they are varied and seemingly endless in how they can be tailored for each unique situation. I look forward to discussing these with you.

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